Expenses 3.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Not many people are able to keep a tight reign on their expenses without the use of some financial software or another and most times it is the Expenses that causes the issues. Getting an expense manager application is your best bet for effective money management.

With the management software you will be able to track Expenses and incomes in small or large increments such as week, month and year and even have it further broken down in categories such as bills, grocery / food, school, etc. Create multiple accounts if you need to and schedule your one off payments as well as reoccurring ones.

Create a budget and take pictures of your receipts if you find that you often lose track of small papers. Get payment alerts and use the Expenses management application to create reports and customize your payment methods and such.

Are you tired of making financial reports after every business trip? Would you like to have clearer overview on your monthly private expenses and to know where the money goes? Expenses for Series 60.3/60.5 will make the expenses management for you, at home and on travel.

You will optimise your financial management with Expenses because:

- you can record your expenses at any place right after you make them, so you will not forget any important details

- you can follow your expenses for the current month any time making a report, so you can see if your monthly budget is not overdue yet and if you can afford new expenses

- you can make your business expenses report when travelling, so you will have the report ready just when you come back from the business trip and transfer it from mobile to PC. Now you also can change the font colour and font size of report texts messages.

You can make reports on the expenses done, based on date, expense type, currency and payment method. You can show percents that the expense takes in the total expenses over the chosen period, and show the total of all your expenses in the report.

Key Features:

- Customisable list view of all your expenses, also with your personal notes

- Application options let you personalize the main page view, report view, all used expenses types, currencies and payment methods

- When recording a new expense, the most used expenses types will come first in the list to avoid much scrolling

- Software now is fully compatible with the latest mobile phones Series 60.5: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97

- You can make a personal note to every expense

- You can get the total of your all expenses just with one click

- Report on screen can be made, with custom data chosen for the certain period

- Easy export to universal CSV format which can be opened with MS Excel or other sheet application on PC

System Requirements:

Series 60.3/60.5

Expenses 3.0 Free Download screenshot